JM 12 Blog from Pastor Brian Bell

God's Heart For Justice

I think it’s interesting that people will ask, “Does God have a heart for Justice?” but they never ask, “Does God have a heart for righteousness?” Yet, both are so tangled, interlaced, and interweaved into His core being. So much so that you could never separate them. God does not just have thoughts of Justice, as sometimes we do. No, He is Justice and His Justice is never subjective and is always doing what is right.
Throughout Scripture, He calls us to bring Justice into every area of life, to all people. He isn’t partial. God also makes it clear that His desire is for His people to help bring Justice to those who are oppressed, to those who are helpless, and to those whose vulnerability is being exploited.

The plight of those who are being exploited and enslaved is His concern and He expects it to be the concern of His people. He also tells us to be mindful of the ways we participate in oppression, both actively and passively, and to choose repentance and justice. “Lord, who can compare with You? Who else rescues the helpless from the strong?” Psalm 35:10

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