May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

Biblical Church Counseling is for everyone.  People come to us for many reasons but the most common is that life has become difficult, or you have lost your way.  We work with people struggling with a spouse, or marital conflict.  Some aren’t even sure why they have come.  Our goal is to connect peoples problems to their rescuer, Jesus.  They find hope, purpose, support, encouragement, and a God who is close and personal.

Should I, or someone I care about, see a counselor?

Should I go forward with counseling will it be helpful to me, or someone I love?  These are questions everyone has probably asked at least once in their life.  If you are here on this page, consider these six questions and determine if Biblical Church Counseling is something that might be helpful.

Do you need a fresh perspective?

You probably have family and friends who are helpful, but sometimes someone who has emotional space from your particular situation is needed while you explore life in an objective way bringing the light of godly wisdom to your situation.  This includes parenting, conflict resolution, marital disharmony, and adult familial relationships.

Are you feeling distressed or undone by something that has happened to you?

Traumatic events, abortion, and suffering loss are emotionally difficult and painful to go through.  The temptation is to ignore, hope, or work harder to make the feelings go away.  This often isolates us from the community we need to access for help.  In the strongest way possible we encourage you to reach out and talk with someone to receive encouragement and process your overwhelming experiences.

Are you reacting poorly, or not the way you would like to life’s pressures?

Life is full of stress, and there are good and destructive ways of handling it.  Each stress and resulting action creates opportunities to connect with God, and the wisdom of a Biblical Church Counselor will be helpful.  Everyone needs a way of coping with stress and often Drugs, Alcohol, Anger, Self-harm, and Lust are all indicators that life has become overwhelming and are signs that you need help.

Have friends and/or family members voiced concerns?

Sometimes people close to us and know us well can see things more clearly that we can.  Fear of what’s next often holds us back and keeps us from making changes.  While this is understandable it’s important to know it will deepen and lengthen the pain of what you are going through.  If others are seeing something be willing to face the uncomfortable and let someone walk with you through life’s problems.  That’s what we are here for.

Is emotional stress causing you to have physical symptoms?

When something is troubling us one of the things God gives us to warn us that something is wrong is the fact that physically you are in distress.  It could be anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, or you aren’t feeling joy in life and your body is telling you what your mind isn’t able to process.  Having someone to listen to what you are saying out loud will often bring clarity and help you physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Are your relationships strained, or failing?

All relationships have moments where they are stressed but patterns should be dealt with.  Learning how to resolve conflict are often the source of troubles and having someone help you see patterns will be helpful for insights, support, and encouragement into your marital, and parental relationship struggles.  If you feel stuck, hopeless, or discouraged in your relationship now is a good time to seek Biblical Church Counsel.
There are many good reasons to seek help but waiting and hoping, or ignoring things to change will never offer the solutions that a gifted Church Counselor can.

Appointments for Counseling

Appointments are available Monday-Thursday.
Daytime and evening appointments available. Weekend appointments limited.
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Biblical Counselor Training Course

Have you sensed God leading you to serve in Church Counseling? Do others come to you for advice? Are there times you wished you knew a little more about how to help someone through life’s difficult challenges? Do you have life experience that you think you might be able to help others with that are facing similar challenges? This course is offered once a year. BCC Counselor Training is a 30-week course.

We are pleased to offer our 2024 Biblical Church Counseling Training Course beginning January 22. The classes will be held on Mondays and you can choose to attend in the mornings at 9:00am or the evenings at 6:30pm to help accommodate different schedule preferences. Our evening course will have child care available!  This course is offered once a year and enrollment is now open through our website and app.

This is a mandatory training for those interested serving in the counseling ministry here at Calvary Murrieta. The course is open to all individuals who want to apply God’s wisdom and call for disciples to grow and mature into Christ likeness.
(2 Peter 1:4)

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