Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We at Calvary Murrieta honor our journey in missions thus far.  We have been involved in world missions for the past 32 years. We honor and esteem all of our missionaries who have served, and are currently serving, on the field. We recognize their sacrifices and commitment over the years. We also have watched these relationships move from partnerships, to family.   We will be adding to our mission’s legacy a program which we are calling Pioneer Missions. In our effort to see sustainable national churches in regions across the globe, we have decided to adopt two unreached people groups. We know that the Lord desires worshipers from every tribe and nation and we desire to see them reached.


Joining forces with like-valued partners to establish reproducing, life-transforming communities of Christ-followers among forgotten peoples.


Strategic Priorities:

Focusing our efforts and resources for deep and lasting impact.

Passion for God’s Glory:

Longing to see God glorified, we willingly lay aside our safety, security, and self.


Pleading to the Lord of the harvest for more workers and worshipers.


Partnering with like-valued organizations and ministries to continue building the Kingdom of God.

Church-Wide Participation:

Mobilizing everyone at Calvary Murrieta to embrace their unique role in the Great Commission.


We see a vision so awe-inspiring where we witness God’s fingerprints and not just our own efforts. We see the Hani and the Rohingya people groups being discipled, and in turn, discipling their neighbors. We see all of Calvary Murrieta  being changed by anticipating these nations standing before the throne of God. We see this vision being passed along to our children’s children if we are not able to fulfill it in our lifetime. We see our sons and daughters being sent to express both the Love and the Words of Christ. We see these unreached people groups reached.

Missions Prayer Meeting

Join us every month as we pray for our active missionaries.

4th Sunday of every month
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
In the Agape Room

Take a short trip to Nepal!

Here's a short clip of Pastor Brian and Pastor Larry's recent trip to Nepal.


Check here for current news in Global Missions.

Mike and Lorie are heading back to Asia.
If you would like to support them financially, click on the "Give" button below.
To keep in touch with them, check out: Pondering On The Way

On the GIVE page, under "Fund," choose "Mike & Lorie."

Thank you CM for your continued and generous support for Ukraine! Mercy Projects is blessed and encouraged.
You have helped many to be cared for and brought to safety.

In Nepal,  classes are currently in session.
New electricians,  tailors and carpet weavers are being trained.

Listen to the Leadership Collective Podcast feat. Pastor Brian Bell and Pastor Larry Hansen 

Pastor Brian and Pastor Larry have a conversation with Matthew Ellison (Founder and President of 1615) about ministering to unreached people groups.
Listen to the podcast here!

Get Involved!

June 5th is the International Day for the Unreached.  
A third of the world is still denied access to the Gospel.

Draw the three lines on your hand join the #athirdofus movement.
Download the Prayer Guide for the Unreached.

Pray and send your support!

We are coming along side Mercy Projects as they are on ground in Ukraine bringing hope and practical needs to those who are being affected by the conflict happening in Ukraine. 

Funds will be used for the greatest need including Refugee assistance, emergency aid, food, clothing, medicine, and a multitude of other requests.  Many are fleeing for neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania.  Others have no choice but to stay put and seek shelter in basements and underground subway stations.

For more information on what Mercy Projects is doing in Ukraine and to send your support financially visit: www.mercyprojects.org
You may also give through Calvary Murrieta. Click the link below and select "Mercy Project Ukraine" for the Fund.

Missio Nexus Interview - April 7, 2021

How Do I Get My Pastor Engaged In Missions?  Missio Nexus interviews our Senior Pastor, Brian Bell and our Missions Pastor, Larry Hansen to get their insights as Missio Nexus asks the question, "How do we crack the code of pastoral engagement in missions?" 

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