Types of Cross Cultural Teams

Cross Cultural Outreach

Crosses a culture here in the USA or crosses a border to support a like-valued agency or ministry. This team will cross barriers such as a differing language, culture, or religion.

Vision Trip

Has focused intentional time where we ask God to open our hearts to the plight of the local people.  We will pray and investigate how best to demonstrate the love of Christ to them and how to bring the gospel to that area. Often, in these locations, there will be no established church or ministry.

Learning Experience

We will travel as learners, eager to have our minds expanded and preconceptions challenged. This category includes those who desire to use their vocation in the service of Christ (for example: builders, surgeons, teachers, accountants, mechanics, etc.). It is important that these individuals be open to learning from God and the nationals whom they are serving while they are passing on their expertise.

Care Team

This may also be referred to as “Member Care”. The purpose and goal of this team is to regularly check-on and encourage a field worker. Normally, this is a very small team preferably comprised of individuals with some counseling experience and a personal connection with the field worker.


Missions is the fulfillment of Jesus’ mandate to make disciples of all nations, as such it is the purposeful cross-cultural sending to an ethnolinguistic people group. The core of missions is the fulfillment of Jesus’ mandate to an unreached people group, where the sound of the Gospel cannot be heard and a lack of access exists.


Outreach is reaching out to people both within and outside of your local community to share the love of Christ through connection and service. It is the practice of serving those around you and revealing who Jesus is to those who have not yet made the decision to follow Jesus.


Discipleship is entering into relationships with the purpose of developing disciples who trust and follow Jesus through the pursuit of an intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ. The chief end of disciple making is to worship God and enjoy Him forever. A disciple is someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and is committed to the mission of Jesus.


Sharing our faith is revealing the good news to all, by specifically sharing the message and teaching of Jesus, and our own lives, for the purpose of salvation

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