FHC Blog

First Meeting

By: Kelly Bell
Date: 06/08/2021

Morning everyone! Hope you’re well! I just wanted to remind you that this month we are meeting on Wednesday night, June 23rd instead of June 16th, so mark your calendars! I’ve been praying for each one of you guys! Can’t wait to meet up again. This next meeting we plan to talk about trauma.  We seem to spend much more time trying to identify our kid’s trauma and ignore how their trauma affects us.  We’d love to help support each other by helping to identify how trauma affects us, what triggers certain behavior, and how we can deal with it more appropriately.  We also plan to break up in groups and spend time not only getting to know each other but praying for each other and our role as parents! We can’t wait to get together again!  See you soon!

In His love,

Our Next Meeting

By: Kelly Bell
Date: 09/07/2021

Hey all! Just a reminder of our meeting on Wednesday night, September 15th at 7:00 pm.  We liked our discussion last month, so this week we’ll be doing something similar. We will be facilitating a discussion on “fear,” how it manifests, ways to recognize it in our kids, and hopefully, some tools to deal with it. So much of their behavior comes from past and present fears.  Sometimes we know the root cause, and other times it’s not so apparent. I’m excited to be able to be together and discuss this, as well as encourage each other in our journeys. See you soon! I’ll probably remind you a few days before to let you know where we’ll be meeting. (Pending bathroom construction!)

Love to you all!
In Him,