Welcome to our new study; “Hate Wisely”! Catchy title, right? You might be thinking … Wait! God is love; He can’t hate! Well, He sure can, and He does! But He doesn’t hate the things we hate. I hate Brussel Sprouts and cabbage. I hate certain TV shows, like The Simpsons. There’s a lot of things we hate. We all have pet peeves we say we hate; leaving the bed unmade, dishes in the sink, doing certain chores. We have as many uses of the word “hate” as we do for the word “love.”

We certainly should pay attention to the things God loves because we need to know what pleases Him, that’s for sure. But we also should be keenly aware of what displeases Him. We can get to know so much about Him and His character by knowing what He hates, and why. Come learn how to hate the “right” things. This is an 8-week study on Proverbs 6:16-19. Billy Graham said, “It’s God’s love for man that prompts Him to hate sin with a vengeance.” Amen Billy!

We are still living in challenging times. Due to many restrictions, childcare issues, etc., we have chosen to remain online and will be doing our study through ZOOM. Lord willing we will return to meeting face to face when we resume in January. For now, please choose the day or night you’d like to zoom with a small group. Choosing leaders will not be honored at this time. Once you register, your name and contact info will be sent to your leader, who will contact you. A teaching video will be uploading online for you to watch at your convenience BEFORE you meet with your group, along with the study questions for that week. Then you will have your discussion and prayer time on the zoom time of your choice! Although we know ZOOM studies are not “ideal,” we pray that you will still learn and grow as you stay in the Word together!

Registration will begin on Monday, Aug. 24th and the first week of study will be the week of Sept. 20,th, depending on the day/night of your ZOOM. The last week will be the week of Nov. 8th.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly at [email protected]


Week 1


Week 2