Thank you for your interest in the Calvary Murrieta Women’s Ministry Christmas Celebration Boutique!
To register please select your vendor type below

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Only one specialty vendor table will be allowed for individual consultants such as Mary Kay, Young Living, DoTerra, Scentsy, etc. and will be left to our discretion. If more than one applies, acceptance will be decided on a first come, first served basis. Caroline will call the specialty vendor applicant to let them know the outcome and will process payment at that time.

General craft vendors will need to submit payment ($20 for 1 table or $40 for two) with online application to hold their spot.

If you need assistance, you are welcome to come to the church office during regular business hours and we will be happy to assist you with your online application.

Thank you for participating in our boutique. We pray this day brings glory and honor to our Lord!

Womens Boutique