JM 11: What's Our Goal and Purpose?

Blog by Kelly Bell

This is our eleventh year of hosting a Human Trafficking Conference, and our purpose has continued to stay the same. Our goal is to empower people to take action by providing education, personal testimonies, and avenues for that to happen. We believe that for action to take place, people need to be aware of the issue, have a basic understanding of the problem, and given practical ways to get involved.  Our prayer is that every person, young, old, and everything in between, walks away with a clear picture of God’s heart on justice, and what our response should be. Isaiah 61:8 says “For I, the Lord, love Justice,” and therefore, if God loves justice, so should we. We’ve always been privileged to have amazing, educated, passionate speakers, and this year will be no different. John Cotton Richmond and Bella Hounakey are the best of the best! We are offering seven workshops on specific topics related to Justice and Human Trafficking.  Our prayer is that you walk away with a firm resolve to pray and figure out how you can join in the fight.  I believe that everyone can do something. I believe that the body of Christ has been commissioned to help those who are being oppressed and exploited, but that help comes in many forms. Perhaps it’s becoming a prayer warrior, working at a safe house, becoming a foster parent, shopping ethically to prevent forced labor, ministering to refugees, donating to frontline workers, tutoring at-risk youth  … the list is endless. Hope you will join us on Feb. 6th!

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